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We celebrate #TshirtDay

Yesterday we celebrated #TshirtDay with BBC Radio 6 Music. The idea was born 14 years ago thanks to Steve Lamacq. Lamacq says: “The shirts are in some cases postcards from our youth. It’s like that t-shirt has written to you and provided all the memories of what happened that particular night and why it was so special.”

The Insatiable Ones took photos of themselves in their Suede t-shirts and we posted them on our social media.

#TshirtDay made us really think why we wear our Suede t-shirts. Several fans share their thoughts.

"It's that feeling that I belong to the best tribe going, to spread the word and love about Suede. I wear my t-shirt with pride." - Samantha

"I like to wear my love on my chest!! It’s also fun when someone compliments it, and/or tells you a story about their Suede experiences!" - Joolz

"Suede is my favourite band and i’m always proud to wear a Suede T-Shirt .. i wear all my Suede t-shirts a lot… during the week … while i’m tattooing… whatever… but when i go to a concert of Suede i never wear a T-Shirt of the band… why? … well … because…when i go to see other bands .. punk… metal … grunge… stoner… etc… or to places totaly not Suede related…then i always wear it… it’s a kind of rebel thing to me… and you would be surprised how many people then come to me and secretly tell me… how much they love Suede too." - Claudine

"Just because 💙" - Alison

"My daughters tell me I wear my Suede T-Shirts so I can tell everyone I'm in a cult." - Nik

"I wear my Suede IO shirt as a kind of calling card - anyone who wears it is a friend, even if we've never met." - Sam

"It’s pride in our band. Proud to be a Suede fan and to support our boys. When I wear one it feels like I’m part of the most amazing caring group of people." - Carrie

"Oh whatever makes me happy...!?, Suede t-shirts just do!!! Saves making any decisions about what to wear also!" - Danielle

"It's a uniform of love and an identity badge." - Juliet

"I still feel the same love and pride on wearing a suede tshirt as I did when I was 15 seeing them for the first time in 1994. An outsider in normal life in many ways but with suede i feel part of something special and a connection I've never had with anything else." - Theresa

"Wearing a band t-shirt is tribal - this is my band. MY BAND!" - Chris

"Wearing my Suede T-shirt is a way of celebrating the band that has captured my heart and puts me in a world where I can feel that I belong." - Inge

We wear our Suede t-shirts with pride whilst supporting our favourite band.

It was very exciting seeing the new merchandise on the tour, especially this limited edition t-shirt. Only limited to 200.

Earlier this week, Lily Charlton, who worked on Suede's latest Coming Up UK Tour talked to Matt Everitt at 6 Music about merchandise. She mentioned the importance of merchandise especially for smaller bands as they only break even playing gigs. She also says how merchandise revenue is making up from the loss of streaming. As we know, Suede are very involved in their merchandise and take pride in how people see them. Lily explains that the impact of covid meant Suede have sold a lot more merchandise online. With regards to the effects of Brexit, export is proving more difficult. They've not had any issues yet but they'll only know when they head to Europe next year.

Which Suede t-shirt would you say is a classic Suede t-shirt? Lily chooses the navy t-shirt with yellow Coming Up image which is modelled by one of our Insatiable Ones below.

You can check out Suede's merchandise here.

Thank you to all The Insatiable Ones who submitted their photos. You're beautiful.


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