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Photo by: Nadia Gottfried

Suedewalk Map

“I've always absolutely loved London. It's a place I've always had an extreme romantic vision of. I always felt that that was where I belonged, really ever since I used to read about Paddington Bear and the Portobello Road”

- Brett Anderson, Melody Maker, 2nd January 1993

We can start to walk out when we want …


Pounding the concrete streets populated by Sadie, Terry and the other characters of Suedeworld has become a passion and rite of passage for many Suede fans.

From humble beginnings, when a handful of devotees followed biographer David Barnett on a guided tour of the back streets of Camden, hundreds of people have taken part in Suedewalks around London and beyond.

Now, with the generous help of the one and only Simon Gilbert and some of the most passionate and dogged Suedewalkers, The Insatiable Ones is proud to present the world’s first interactive Suedemap.

With more than 300 locations already, we hope to make this the ultimate resource for Suede pilgrims wishing to retrace the steps of Suede and the places that have inspired them and their music. At the moment the focus is mainly London, but we welcome submissions from all around the world to build a truly international gazetteer – through endless Asia, from the Eastern Bloc to France and beyond.


Thanks to David Barnett, Simon Gilbert, Dagenham Dave, Bożena Wojtas, Sadie Rose Bermingham, Hagar Itzikson & Samantha Hand.

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