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Fan Artwork


"What you do with difficult ideas is turn them into art."

- Mat Osman, Interview on 'Nail Your Novel' Blog

Artwork Competition 

Our #StayAtHomeWednesday #ART event was held on 29 April 2020. We re-created our own versions of Suede singles/album artwork. Suede wanted to be involved and turned it into a competition from which the band picked their top 16, the finalists fought it out on public Twitter polls with Mikaela Rennerfelt declared as the winner for her excellent 'Metal Mickey' artwork.

Here are the 4 finalists:

Suede fans artwork competition

Artwork by Ben Robinson

Artwork by Mikaela Rennerfelt

Artwork by Susan Smu

Artwork by Pim Harputpong

Poems Competition 


In May 2020, we ran a poetry competition judged by Brett. Brett read all of our 108 poems, chose 3 winners and sent us this beautiful message:

"I’ve been living with your poems for the last few days and it’s been wonderful- they’re all so full of passion and life and light. Some funny, some heartbreaking, some jagged and broken and strange but all in their own ways humbling. It makes me proud that this community is so full of feeling and not afraid to express that feeling. In many ways you’re all winners so please don’t be disheartened if yours is not one I mention- after all I'm just one person, drawn to the kind of stuff that I’m drawn to and in no way any sort of authority on anything. 


I finally narrowed it down to about ten which I thought were exceptional and in the end after much head scratching couldn’t decide between three poems in particular. 


Poem 73 -The Smell Of Coffee was just so heartfelt and real, tinged with longing and regret and made all the more lovely by it’s callow charm. Poem 86 -A Tuesday Morning was simple and raw,  carnal and troubled and ultimately very powerful. Poem 107 - Untitled was complex and intriguing and beautifully crafted . 


Congratulations to those writers but massive congratulations to you all. Thank you for sharing them.  




Here are Brett's 3 winners and their poems:

Poem 73 by Dominique Tasso

 The smell of coffee


It is not your courage,  it is not your glory,

not even your cleverness, not even your beauty,

what I miss in my life since you went away

Is every morning the taste of coffee

we were sharing together, you were making for me

First i was afraid to forget you when you left me,

but it was only pride because now you are free

High in the city where the skyline stained the snow,

I’m just waiting for a sign from you  to let me know,

that you  keep in yourself sweet memories of me,

like my kisses on your neck, and the smell of coffee,

we were sharing together, you were making for me

Poem 86 by Benjamin Cutler 

A Tuesday Morning 


Awoke by crack of pigeon wing.

Hazily circle under sheets,

Lips like semaphore to my heart

Unfold like peonies. Take me.

Her body sprawled, I’m pacified

The grey woods of mind kept at bay

A pitiful sanctuary. 

Poem 107 By Erin Hydrabadi



Just like a woman

To think a compliment a threat


Just like a man

To weigh a gesture as a promise


Just like that

Space-time bends around

the heavy-handed heart

Of the pig-headed novice


But the mute night calls

Across the city streets like staves

A siren call to fly

from disguised suburban graves


To Manhattan's evening savageries

And eventually, if luck gives way to grace, 

In anger to the linen

for the only form of prayer

that ever saves

"Spoon Band"


Handmade by fans in the queue - UK Coming Up 25th Anniversary Tour, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland, 3 November 2021

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Every week since the 2020 lockdown, we've been running a Suede fan event and making videos each week.
Here's some of our fan videos:

Here are some videos from several festival events featuring contributions by members of the fan club:

Our own fan versions of some of Suede's videos. Suede own the copyrights to all songs and videos. 

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