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Nikolaj Andersen and Samantha Hand decided to start The Insatiable Ones Podcast back in 2017. Samantha organises the interviews and Nikolaj puts the podcast together with his brilliant editing skills.

Brian Cannon has designed some of Suede's most striking record sleeves.

Samantha Hand interviewed him at the Starshaped Festival, August 5th 2017 in Kentish Town, hence the background noise.

David Barnett is a minor indie celebrity and the author of 'Suede - the biography'.

Samantha Hand and Bex Broughton interviewed David at the Bull And Gate where Suede played in their early career.

Julie Hamill is the author of "15 Minutes With You", a book about Morrissey.

Julie invited David Barnett to speak about his Suede biography "Love And Poison", in Dublin Castle, Camden.

Samantha Hand and Rachel Apps went along and took the opportunity to speak with Julie after the event.

Sax, flute player and author of Madness book Terry Edwards also joins in briefly.

Danish Suede fan Nikolaj Andersen meets up with Samantha Hand, who is administrator of The Insatiable Ones group on Facebook, that has grown into a big community for Suede fans across the world.
Nikolaj and Samantha met up before and after the first of two Suede gigs in Copenhagen, they talked about the new album "The Blue Hour" and how the gigs have been on the tour so far.

Mike Christie is an award winning director and he directed the Suede documentary 'The Insatiable Ones'.

Samantha Hand interviews Mike in Shoreditch and they talk about Mike's career and, of course, Suede.

The tracks played in this episode are chosen personally by Mike Christie.

Insatiable ones Samantha Hand, Carrie Lofty, Rich Johnson, Melanie Butler Halbherr and Nikolaj Andersen tell us about their best moments as a Suede fan so far.

Samantha Hand is speaking to Sam McCormick who used to work for Suede Information Service back in the '90s.
Sam tells about her time with the band and much more.

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