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Roundup #1: Records

Now we're (sort of) recovered from the tour it's time to look forward. In this first roundup, we look at what's in the offing for Suede on record.

Suede - Demos

This year's offering for Record Store Day is a collection of demos from the classic debut album, on 140g clear vinyl. Record Store Day participating stores open at 8am on Saturday, April 22nd. Any remaining stock will be sold online from 20:00 on Monday, April 24th. You can read more about Record Store Day here.

It is a limited release, we've seen figures ranging from 2,000 to 3,750 copies worldwide, who knows, basically get up early if you want one.

Suede - 30th Anniversary

In addition, the eponymous 1st album will be further celebrated in new editions slated for release on July 7th.

First up is a half-speed mastered version on 180g black vinyl, approved by Ed Buller.

Also incoming is a 2CD edition, with all the b-sides plus 'My Insatiable One (piano version)' and the band's cover of 'Brass in Pocket'.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch is a 7" picture disc of 'The Drowners', featuring the famous cover artwork. Backed with 'To The Birds' (but not 'My Insatiable One'), it will be the first of the four singles from the album to be issued in this format by Demon Records. As per the photo, limited to 1,000 copies.

Resident Music are taking pre-orders, if it stays at 1,000 can't imagine there will be (m)any available by release date.


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