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RAH 2010 Clear Vinyl Review

What was slated to be a one-off show for an expectant and curious audience turned out to be a pivotal event not only in Suede’s history but that of rock music. 

Beyond what has already been said about the concert (i.e. that they sounded tight and Brett’s voice remains unrivaled in its delivery of the classics), it is the reaction the band displays through the show and the interaction with fans that make this a memorable one. 

One can almost feel the emotion in the air, the joy of the band, the unstoppable energy of the crowd. If even the stiffs could not help but to stand up and dance in their plushy seats, it is no wonder the iconic singer acknowledges it as his favorite gig ever and pinnacle of his career, up to that point. 

The glossy package of this reissued edition reflects with justice the content, and the heavy clear vinyl reproduces the entire show in a pristine way. As a fan, I can only hope that the remastered edition of the film in Blu-ray will follow suit shortly. 

Whether it was the nostalgic urge for a cherished band to come back, their indelible talent, the public’s need for a return to music with backbone, or simply the combination of all of these factors, the world is forever thankful. If Live at Royal Albert Hall is testament of something, is of the need for more Suede.

By Luis


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