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Launch of The Insatiable Ones Fanzine #7

We are thrilled to bring you our The Insatiable Ones Fanzine issue 7. Just in time to truly celebrate The Drowners 30th Anniversary with an enthralling piece from Nude Records boss Saul Galpern. We have contributions from Brett, Neil & Simon. And your excitement will heighten with Brett's exclusive about the new album. On top of all that, an interview with Jane Savidge, Brett & Andy's track by track, plus much, much more.

We'd like to thank all of our contributors and of course, our inspiration - Suede.

I'd personally like to say a huge thank you to our fanzine team who work so tirelessly and with so much passion on the fanzine. We hope you love reading it as much as we've loved creating it.

Available as a download initially here and we'll give you details how you can order a physical copy soon.


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