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Just trash, me and you...

Quite incredible that 'Trash' turns 25 today! Personally just as relevant today, if not more so, than when it was released on 29th July 1996. A song about the band and by extension the fans. It's more than a song, it's our anthem.

Some Insatiable Ones have been sharing their thoughts with us on this milestone anniversary.

"Apparently, if I'm napping and 'Trash' comes on (usually Absolute Radio 90s) I bolt upright at the first drum beat! I get very emotional hearing it too, the feeling of togetherness that emanates. Love it, and just can't wait to hear it again."

Sam Hawks, Midlothian

"Although this is an upbeat and carefree song, that just shows you the youthful attitude about life, there is a certain sadness underneath; a kind of we don't fit it and it's not something you can hear, it's actually something you feel in the way the song was written."

Ann Gordon, Canada

"What can you possibly say about 'Trash' that has not been said before, not much, just it is an Anthem, a rallying call to the people who live on the fringes, the one song that all Suede fans can unite together with, it's our code, our Mantra, our song. We're trash, you & me, we're the litter on the breeze and damn proud of it."

Dino, Wiltshire

"'Trash' is the ringtone when my husband calls me..."

Michal Franco, Israel

"One of my faves. So much that I asked Brett to dedicate it to me at a book signing."

Steve Johnson, The Wirral

"I could write too many things about every single emotion that I feel with every time I listen to this song. I think I've played it zillions of times and I never get tired of singing along to TRASH. Brett has mentioned many times that for him, if there is a song that can be considered the most iconic, the most genuine in terms of identification with the band and its audience is this one. Actually, I concur with him: TRASH is the song that defines the quintessential meaning of SUEDE for themselves and for us. I think we are all blessed for getting into these days on which, in spite of a lockdown, a pandemic and going through our own challenges, overcoming every single issue that prevents us to be blessed with plenty of happiness, we can find that sort of happiness that we've missed by listening SUEDE from time to time. Especially this song that talks about LOVE in several ways. "But we're trash, you and me, We're the litter on the breeze, We're the lovers on the street, Just trash, me and you, It's in everything we do, It's in everything we do..." Aren't these lines so sweet and lovely? So, having said what I've shared with you regarding this fabulous tune, I can express that I'm truly happy for celebrating a quarter of a century of having this song released with our boys, for giving us a track with all of those significant words and the whole creativity that came from their minds and hearts to achieve such a gem. Thanks for reading my words, Insatiable Ones."

Ernesto Alvarez, Mexico

"Totally ravishing, rude, awesome, symphonic, scandalous hymn to my Heart."

Monica Diaz, Mexico

"I first knew Suede through 'Trash': it was the summer of 1996 and a very important italian radio station started to broadcast it frequently. When I heard it the first time I just thought it was a Bowie song (I was not sure if old or new, since I didn't know him very well) but I was immediately hooked by it. When I discovered it was actually by a band called Suede, which I'd never heard of, I immediately planned to listen to the album from which the song was taken, and when Coming Up came out I did and the rest is history...

To this day I'm not really sure about the meaning of the lyrics according to Brett's intentions (although I read many Brett interviews about it), but I prefer to give them my own interpretation, which in some way reminds me of my life in the mid-90s..."

Andrea Grasso, Italy

"Brings back so many happy memories. After the trauma of Butler leaving and wondering if that was it….the fortunes of DMS being adversely affected and the emergence of laddish and generally patchy Britpop. So many bang average bands.

Remember it like it was yesterday, seeing ‘Trash’ promo posters plastered everywhere at T in the Park 96 at Strathclyde park in the baking July sun. The excitement and joy that this record was being promoted so hard by the record company, that it was going to be a massive success and the world would finally become Suede’s!

Bouncing down to Woolies Monday first thing and grabbing multiple formats from the shelves. Bouncing the short distance home. They weren’t to leave the CD player until the album arrived.

The White Room just after the single came out, hearing 'Trash' then 'By The Sea' and literally being blown away. It was just such an exciting time to be a suede fan and a little surreal given what they’d had to overcome and prove. 'Trash' was the soundtrack to my summer. I was working dairy night shifts at a local supermarket between uni semesters, and that - dodgy, pet shop boys and a few others were on heavy rotation on the radio station. Kept me going during the monotony of rotating dates in the yoghurt section. It’s just a phenomenal, classic pop song. The simplicity but brilliance of the lyrics, the music, the feeling that it’s about me and you, US. It still sounds just as good 25 years on. Still sounds as important. It kick started suede act II and that can’t be understated. Can’t wait to hear it live again. With you all. ‘It doesn’t matter how many times….’ Graeme Thomson, Stirlingshire


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