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Competition Time!!

To celebrate the launch our website, we're running a competition. Here's your chance to win either 1 signed copy of Mat Osman's 'The Ruins' which was kindly donated by Repeater Books or 1 copy of Brett Anderson's 'Afternoons With The Blinds Drawn' which was kindly donated by Little, Brown and a signed bookplate (Brett's signature on a piece of card).

All you need to do is search our website and find the answer to the following question:

Where and when was the below photo taken and by who?

Please EMAIL the full answer and your name to:

Deadline: 26th December at 6pm UK time.

The 2 winners will be chosen at random and the 2 winners will be notified by email. We will allocate the prize to each winner.

Thank you so much.

Michal, Hagar & Sam xxx


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