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Celebrating The Blue Hour

Photographer credit: Dean Chalkley. Banner: Taciana

Today we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of The Blue Hour. It's Suede's eighth studio album produced by Alan Moulder and co-produced by Neil Codling. Released on 21st September 2018 and it reached number 5 in the UK Album Chart.

The Blue Hour is the time of day when the light is fading and night is closing in. The songs hint at a narrative but never quite reveal it and never quite explain. But as with any Suede album, it’s always about the songwriting. The band, the passion and the noise: The Blue Hour.”

- Suede, NME, 2018

We've asked fans to share their thoughts with us on The Blue Hour.

Artwork by Paul Khera & Suede

From one of the most intense and gripping album intro songs ever, The Blue Hour goes on to give us a deeper, darker Suede. However it's still brimming with the poison passion of the Suede we loved yesterday, today and forever. Beautiful to the point of exquisite pain.

- Becky d'Ugo, Malta

From The Blue Hour I would have to choose 'As One' as the most important song. They opened Sideways Festival 2019 in Helsinki with it. It had been almost 22 years since I’d seen Suede play live (Provinssirock 1997) so that song and that moment were really special.

- Johanna Järvensivu, Finland

What’s really special about The Blue Hour, in my opinion, is that even though each song is absolutely brilliant on it’s own, the album as a whole has an even greater value than the sum of its parts. Definitely not an album to put on random shuffle. Musicians don’t bother taking listeners on a journey like that anymore. It’s a rare pleasure.

- Michal Kadari, Israel

I absolutely love The Blue Hour. It is such a whole and cohesive album. Especially 'Flytipping' is the quintessence of Suede.

- Maria Spittau Dupont, Denmark

Image Courtesy of Suede & Mike Christie

I absolutely adore The Blue Hour. From Richard's soaring guitar opening of 'As One' to the climactic crescendo at the end of 'Flytipping', it is a masterpiece and a joy.

My absolute favourite Suede song of all time is 'Life is Golden'. I will never forget the first time I heard it, accompanied by the fabulous evocative video. It was a real tingle down the spine moment for me and I knew then that the song would be very important to me . I was lucky enough to be at the Cambridge 2019 gig where Brett invited the fans onto the stage to sing it with him. How many bands embrace their fans to that degree? Even though I was too shy to go up, I loved witnessing that special time. I know Brett wrote it for Lucian, but to me it will always be about the very special relationship I have with my youngest grandson. The same blood runs through our veins and we adore each other. The Blue Hour is Suede at the very top of their writing and performing powers. My absolute favourite album.

- Lin Page, UK

A few days ago, playing a lead track from a new album by a band with roughly the same mileage on the clock as Suede have, the DJ commented how this band were really "playing to their strengths." That's some praise there so faint you'd need a bluelight to be able to see it. Staying in their lane. Avoiding surprises. Working that furrow deep and narrow.

The thing that really stands out about The Blue Hour is that it's not the work of a band following Wenceslas-like in the footprints of their younger selves. It's a Suede album, it sounds like a Suede album; it hits you emotionally like a Suede album, but it's unequivocally not a Suede album that the pre-hiatus group could have made. Let other bands play to their strengths. Suede are discovering muscles they never knew they had.

- Simon Hayes-Budgen, UK

Image Courtesy of Suede & Mike Christie

My first experience of The Blue Hour was travelling on a long, lone train journey from the Midlands to Cumbria. As we passed Beyond the Outskirts of the city and zoomed through the Wastelands, the music perfectly complemented the dramatic scenery (and the odd power station, to make it more Suedey) and Life was truly Golden!