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Brett print for sale to raise funds

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This stunning Brett Anderson A3 print by Rankin is available to buy to raise money for Stagehand's Covid Crew Relief Fund.

“I photographed this on location around the Poultry Market in Smithfield. Earlier in the day we had been shooting in a studio, but for the second half we wanted to create a completely different feel so we went out on the street. The shoot was commissioned by Select magazine and a studio image of Brett was the cover image, but I’ve always liked these location shots, they feel a little different.

It was quite early on in my career, and I was very excited to meet Brett Anderson, as he was of the Britpop royalty. I just remember him being incredibly cool, the camera loves him so it made my job very easy. Unlike a lot of the other Britpop bands this was my only shoot with him, which was a pity because I really liked his style.

What I love the most is how dignified Brett is. He was not one to look like he was trying hard in pictures. Everything he did had a kind of ease to it. Back then I think that was quite unique as everybody else was very in your face, whereas he was the opposite.

He was just very very cool! Almost what I thought Bowie was going to be like but he was the opposite. Bowie was cool because he was so enthusiastic, Brett was cool because he was so laid-back.” - Rankin on Brett Anderson

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