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Autofiction short film released

An 18 minute promo film for Suede’s forthcoming album, Autofiction, has been released on YouTube. From MrMr Films and helmed by director Katie Lambert, the production features the relationship between lead characters Hannah & Chris, including a backdrop of the protagonists attending Suede gig/s, whose audience is a cast of Insatiable Ones acting as extras.

Watch Autofiction here. Brett, Mat and Katie Lambert discuss the film with AnOther magazine.

Created in collaboration with the band, it’s as fluid, ambiguous and thought-provoking as we have come to expect from them. ‘She Still Leads Me On’ and ‘15 Again’ both feature; and there is a tantalising snippet from the 10:30 mark of one, and possibly two, new tracks.

Autofiction is released on September 16th.


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