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Autofiction is OUT

Available from and every record store worthy of the name. Buy, stream (again and again) & download from 00:01 Friday until 00:00 the following Thursday to count for the UK charts.



Black vinyl

Grey vinyl – indie record store exclusive

Clear vinyl – Suedestore exclusive.

Also exclusively available through Suedestore is the ‘She Still Leads Me On’ 12” EP featuring new songs ‘The Sadness In You, The Sadness In Me’, ‘Days Like Dead Moths’ and ‘The Prey’. This can be obtained through the box sets as detailed below:

  1. CD, Autofiction T-shirt and the 12” EP.

  2. Black vinyl LP, CD, 12” EP.

  3. Deluxe with clear vinyl, CD, stencil, postcards, poster and signed setlist (n.b. this does not list the EP, though the store says all bundles contain it).

  4. Enhanced deluxe, clear vinyl, CD, stencil, postcards, poster, signed set list, T-shirt, 12” EP.

  5. Super deluxe as per (4), with the addition of the black vinyl.

A further track, ‘You Don’t Know Me’, is included in Japanese editions from Tower Records (with Autofiction sticker), Rakuten (plus a badge) and Amazon Japan (comes with album artwork poster).

If you really can’t get enough, there is CD, black and grey vinyl available under the ‘London Suede’ moniker. Thanks to Marco Rave for tracking all the upcoming editions.

You can read our exclusive Track by Track analysis of the album written by Brett Anderson and Neil Codling, in the latest edition of the Insatiable Ones fanzine. Available here.


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