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101 Part Time Jobs Podcast featuring Mat Osman

Mat Osman was interviewed by Giles Bidder for an episode of 101 Part Time Jobs Podcast.

Mat talks about the early days with Suede and being asked if they were taking care of themselves much to the amusement of Mat. "We had no money, it's not like we could cook or drive or do anything...We just had that kind of thing of just not really being able to function in society...We just lived for gigs."

Mat talks about his writing and his decision to go with his publisher Repeater Books and in the future he might self publish.

Mat tells us what Suede have been up to.

"We've done some demoing and stuff... We've got a record pretty much ready to go. Pretty much written...What we do with it when there are no gigs coming up. I don't know."

Please note this podcast was from a little while ago and as it stands at the moment we are still waiting for official word on what will happen with the Coming Up Tour.


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