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And Soon The Darkness


Directed By:

Robert Fuest


Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice, Sandor Elès


“A lot of folk horror is set in that kind of Claude Lorrain, chocolate box, pastoral vision of the rural before it ends up revealing itself to be something much darker. When we were writing the album we wanted to reference films like The Wicker Man (1973), And Soon The Darkness (1970) and Penda’s Fen (1974). At the same time I was reading a lot of [British folklore inspired fantasy novelist] Alan Garner and it kind of bled into the whole feeling.” - Neil Codling

And Soon The Darkness

Two young English women go on a cycling tour of the French countryside. When one of them goes missing, the other begins to search for her. But who can she trust?

Film Club Event Date: 

19 September 2021

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