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Hagar Itzikson

Tell us about the tattoo: why this image/text specifically; what does it mean to you personally; why did you pick this specific design?

I always wanted a Suede lyrics tattoo, but I could not land on a specific one that was meaningful enough to stay on me forever. When my mum visited me a few years ago, she wanted to get tattooed so I booked a session for her in a studio I know, and on our way there I suddenly thought about doing one as well, if they had vacancies, and just do the band's name in. I can always have another one later in case I decide on the right lyric (which I did, a few months later), because this band's name is everything, above all lyrics, and I will never regret that. I already had three tattoos on my left arm and decided this should be the fourth and be in a place that the band can see when I reach my hand out to them during a gig.

Where did you get your tattoo done (studio and/or artist)?

Old London Road Tattoo, in Kingston upon Thames.

Do you have any plans for more Suede related tattoos and of so, what are they?

I have another one, and I do not rule out the possibility of having more done... 

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