The Blue Hour


21 September 2018

8th LP

Singing by Brett Anderson
Guitars by Richard Oakes
Drums by Simon Gilbert
Electric Bass by Mat Osman
Synthesisers, keyboards and backing vocals by Neil Codling

String Arrangements by Neil Codling (1, 2 & 7)
String Arrangements by Neil Codling and Richard Oakes (3)
String Arrangements by Neil Codling and Oli Langford (8)
Orchestral arrangements by Neil Codling (11 & 12)
Orchestral arrangements by Craig Armstrong (13)
Played by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Choir: The Hackney Wick Women's Chorus (1, 14)
Spoken Word by Jordan Aniseed (1 & 9), Jay Pickles (1), Mitch Kieries (1), Jasmine Hyde (1, 2 & 9), Duncan Rosaline (5 & 11), Brett Anderson (11)
Baritone and Tenor Saxophone by James Mainwaring (6 & 7)
Percussion by Brett Anderson (6, 7 & 10)
Additional strings on track 8 played by Oli Langford
Additional synthesisers by Richard Oakes (8)
Additional Electric bass by Neil Codling (9)
Percussion by Neil Codling (10)
Clarinet by James Mainwaring (11)
Drums by Neil Codling (12)
Flutes, Clarinets and Bass Clarinets by James Mainwaring (12)
Flutes by James Mainwaring (13)

Produced and mixed by Alan Moulder
Additional production by Neil Codling
Engineered by Caesar Edmonds
Assisted by Richie Kennedy (recording) and Tom Herbert (mix)
Recorded and mixed at assault & battery, London
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios, London
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra was recorded att Smecky Studios, Prague
Conducted by Guy Proteroe
Concertmaster: Lucie Scehlova
Recording Engineer: Vitek Kral
Assistant engineer: Michael Hradisky
Translator: Stanja Vomackova
Orchestra contracor and session supervision: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music
with thanks to Guy Proteroe and Clementine Brown

Sleeve design by Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Paul Khera and Mat Osman
Cover photography by Paul Khera, assisted by Rebecca Szcypka and Kallum Stevens
Inner sleeve photography by Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Simon Gilbert, Ian Grenfell and Paul Khera
Worldwide management by Ian Grenfell and Didz Hammond at Quietus Management

Track List:

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