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Night Thoughts


22 January 2016

Night Thoughts

7th LP

Singing by Brett Anderson
Guitars by Richard Oakes
Drums by Simon Gilbert
Electric Bass by Mat Osman
Synthesisers by Neil Codling
Stings arranged by Oli Langford
Violin and Viola by Oli Langford (1,7, 11)
Cello by Danny Keane (1, 7, 11)
Double Bass by Tom Fry (1, 11)
Baritone Saxophone by James Mainwaring (11)

Aditional Singing by Gita Langley (8) and by
Abdalllah, Damiano, Bram, Isobel, Ella, Katy,
Lottie, Clare, Celine, Sylvie, Daisy, Megan and
Thalia of Molorees Junior School, Kilburn (9)

Spoken Voices by Duncan Rosaline, Jay Pickles and Elle Starr

Produced by Ed Buller for 140db
Engineered by Andy Hughes & Paul-Edouard Laurendeau
Assisted by Joel M. Peters

Mixed by Cenzo Townsend at Decoy Studios, Assisted by Joe McCann
Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering, London
Art Direction by Paul Khera, Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Neil Codling and Didz Hammond
Underwater photography by Lucy Ray/Starfish Underwater Photography featuring models Bryony Richardson and Darcie Richardson
Cover image inspired by Logan Hicks and Toni Frissell
Domestic Interior Photography and Design by Paul Khera
Film shoot photography by Tom Medwell
Worldwide Management by Ian Grenfell & Didz Hammond at Quietus Management

Film Credits

Director: Roger Sargent
Writer: Stephanie De Giorgio
Executive Producers: Jana Bartlett & Callum Gordon
Producer: Alex Ashman
Art Dept: Sam Boddington
Director of Photography: Gabi Norland
Camera Assistant: Eric Hart
1st AD: Conner Simmons
Production Assistant: Anna Balchin
Production Assistant: Claire Warr
Makeup: Catrin Evans
DIT: Robin Hepwood
Script Supervisor: Rob Cairns
Sound Assist: Tom Smith
Production Company: Burning Reel Ltd
Editors: Roger Sargent and Elena Carmen

Bryn: Alex Walton
Sasha: Jane Walsh
Cian: Gabe Trimble
Bryn's Father: Paul Dewdney
Sasha's Father: Tim Parker
Shop Asistant: Lucy Cook
Street Youth: Lorne Taylor,
Robin Heywood, Janna Bartlett
Punters (inside pub): Anna Balchin,
Sam Boddington, Rob Cairns, Conner Simmons
Punters (outside): Claire Warr, Tamsin Palmer
Party Guests: Sarah Oleksik, Charles Donnelly,
Simon King, EllenThomas, Chloe Walters, Jevan Canon
Sasha's Boyfriend: Mathew Davey

Track List:

When You Are Young
No Tomorrow
Pale Snow
I Don't Know How To Reach You
What I'm Trying To Tell You
Learning To Be
Like Kids
I Can't Give Her What She Wants
When You Were Young
The Fur And The Feathers
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