New Generation


30 January 1995

8th single

Singing – Brett Anderson
Guitar and Hammond Organ - Richard Oakes
Drums – Simon Gilbert
Electric Bass – Mat Osman
Guitars on New Generation - Bernard Butler

Produced by Ed Buller for 140db
Engineered by Ed Buller & Gary Stout
Live tracks recorded at Cirkus, Stockholm by the Swedish Broadcasting Corperation, P3 on 29th November 1994

Percussion by Phil Overhead
Brass by The Kick Horns
Trumpet by Roddy Lorimer
Saxophone by Simon Clarke
Backing Vocals by Tessa Niles
Cello by Trvor Burley
Moog by Ed Buller
Cover Photograph of Bella Park taken from the tour films, directed by David Lewis and Andy Crabb
Produced by Michael Christie
Sleeve Art by Ben Gibey

Distributed By RTM/Pinnacle

Track List:

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