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London and the South East


Szalay, David



Paul Rainey, a 40-year-old telephone salesman, a functioning alcoholic on anti-anxiety medication who commutes into London every day from Hove and is in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

"It’s one of the handful of books I regularly return to - a grim account of one man’s descent and disintegration as he tries to keep his head above water in the world of telephone sales. I suppose things like Glengarry Glen Ross have explored this kind of territory before but having grown up in this part of the world I thought it managed to chime beautifully with a particularly British brand of soullessness and quiet desperation. Plus, if I remember correctly Haywards Heath station is mentioned a few times. Which was nice ."

Book Club Event Date: 

12 December 2021

London and the South East

Recommended by Brett

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