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Dog? Man? Star?


3 September 1994

Melody Maker




Submitted by: Inge Klinkers

SUEDE have this week issued full details of their new double album, "Dog Man Star". And they have also emerged as pranksters who painted the name of the LP on a wall opposite Waterloo's Stamford Arms — the pub frequented daily by Melody Maker journalists — days before the title was officially announced.

The LP is described by a Suede spokesman as "the finest record since Mozart's 'Jupiter Symphony' in 1791".

He added: "The new double album is much wider in scope than 'Suede' and will prove to be more than the best album of this year. Please mark these words and not their inherent arrogance."

He also asked: "Are you doing 'end-of-millennium' polls yet?"

The album, released by Nude on October 10, is available as a double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, though the artwork is still a closely guarded secret. It includes the new Suede single, 'We Are The Pigs", which is released on September 12, but omits the last single, "Stay Together", which reached Number Three in February this year.

Tracks are: "Introducing The Band", "We Are The Pigs", "'Heroine", "The Wild Ones", "Daddy's Speeding", "The Power", "New Generation", "This Hollywood Life", "The Two Of Us", "Black Or Blue", "The Asphalt World" and "Still Life".

Suede played 'We Are The Pigs", "This Hollywood life" and "New Generation" on their mini-tour in February, and the songs exist on bootleg tapes of the shows. However, all three have undergone "a radical and fantastical development" since then. "New Generation" was previously called "Losing Myself".

"Still Life" was premiered at Suede's headlining performance at Glastonbury 1993, and subsequently became one of "MTV's Most Wanted". Described as on “epic masterpiece", it features a 40-piece string orchestra arranged by Brian Gascoigne (Bamber's brother!), who made his name with arrangements for Scott Walker.

"introducing The Band" is “like nothing Suede or anyone else has recorded before", while "The Asphalt World" is said to be "monumental", with a running time of 10 minutes.

“The Wild Ones” is expected to be released as a single in America soon after the release of “We Are The Pigs" here and "New Generation" in Europe.

"Dog Man Star" was produced by Suede regular Ed Buller, and recorded at Master Rock studios in Kilburn, north west London. It was completed at the end of July.

It's the follow-up to "Suede", released in March 1993. That LP went straight to Number One, outselling its nearest rival, Depeche Mode, by four to one. It became the fastest-selling debut LP since Frankie Goes To Hollywood's “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome" in 1984. It won the 1993 Mercury Music prize later that year.

Several days prior to the announcement of the album title, the words "Dog Man Star" suddenly appeared in several places on a wall in Stamford Street.

According to the spokesman: ”They were written by somebody possibly connected with Suede. I think it was just coincidence that they were opposite the Stamford. I think they were written in a few places round London, including Camden."

Meanwhile, Suede are still not ready to announce the name of their new guitarist, replacing Bernard Butler. One unnamed applicant was apparently called back for a second audition at the end of last week.

Finally, rumours that Suede intend to work in their new guitarist with a low-key gig at Norwich UEA on September 24 were unsubstantiated as The Maker went to press.

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