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Oliver Miller's Collection

June 2021

Please introduce  yourself and tell us about the moment you discovered Suede.

Hey fellow IO’s. I’m Oliver. Long time Suede fan. Grew up in East London. Suede were amongst the first real guitar bands I loved. I was a 90’s teen so I loved all the stuff that was so new and exciting, but Suede always stood out to me for all the right reasons. I’m now married with two kids and two cats and live just outside of London. Glad to say I’ve got my wife into Suede too and dragged her along to about 4-5 gigs. I think she can understand my obsession haha.

What & when was your first Suede purchase?

My first Suede purchase was 'Stay Together' on CD-single upon its release. I bought it in a little independent record shop in Bethnal Green called Paul’s Music. I bought two CDs that day, the other was 'Cornflake Girl' by Tori Amos. 'Stay Together' just resonated with me. Brett’s vocals with sublime music. They were the first CDs I ever bought and it was three months before my 15th birthday, I’d asked my parents for a CD player for my birthday, so at that point I had nothing to play it on haha. I remember taking the CD to my friend's house with a blank cassette and recording 'Stay Together' and the b-sides so I could listen to it when I got home. That’s the point I fell in love with the band.

How do you organise your collection?

Boring answer... But I’ve got a ridiculous amount of CDs so the only practical way I can organise my collection is alphabetical by artist first and then chronological. Anything other than that and it would be a nightmare to find anything!

What's your most treasured item in your collection and why?

Hard to say what my most treasured Suede possession is, as I’d hate to be without any of them, but if I had to say one thing I absolutely love, then it’d be my signed (only by Brett) concert poster of the DMS20 gig at the Royal Albert Hall. My favourite gig I’ve ever been to and a night I’ll never forget. The posters were auctioned off a few weeks after the gig to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Tell us about your most recent Suede purchase.

My most recent Suede purchase would be the 'Beautiful Ones Best Of' compilation. Nothing on there I didn’t have, but it was nice to get the signed print that came with it.

Is there any item that was in your reach and you now regret not buying?

Not so much an item that I regret not buying, but I regret not going to a few more gigs. I skipped the Bloodsports tour and there have been a few others I should’ve gone to but didn’t for whatever reason. But I’m gonna make up for that with future gigs. Especially after the last year we’ve had. Damn - I miss live music! Roll on Alexandra Palace... Wait I actually do have a massive regret - and I’ll forever kick myself for it. The Cambridge gig in 2019 during 'Life Is Golden' - when loads of fans joined the band on stage, I didn’t do it and I really don’t know why.

What's on your wishlist for your collection?

...I guess (along with most fans) the thing I want more of is just, more... haha. More gigs, more music. Keep it up guys you haven’t put a foot wrong since you’re comeback!

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