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Johanna Järvensivu's Collection

March 2022

Please introduce yourself and tell us about the moment you discovered Suede.

I'm Johanna from Finland. I’ve been a fan since the 90’s. Saw the Animal Nitrate video on MTV and that was it. Brett and Bernard definitely made a lasting impression.

Didn’t have a daily access to MTV until 1996 so I must have seen it at my cousin's house.

What & when was your first Suede purchase?

It was the debut album. A local store here had only a small selection of music then but you could order if they didn't have something you were looking for and that's how I got mine.

How do you organise your collection?

My CDs and DVDs are quite organized chronologically but otherwise everything else is scattered all over where I've found room.

What's your most treasured item in your collection and why?

This is hard... The signed paper from the time I first saw them live in 1997... Simon's book... The Africa Centre gig poster to name a few. They all are really special to me.

Tell us about your most recent Suede purchase.

It was the Suedemania cover Melody Maker. I’ve also acquired a couple Japanese rockin’on magazines in the last months.

Is there any item that was in your reach and you now regret not buying?

No, there isn’t really any that comes to mind.

What's on your wishlist for your collection?

I do dream about the Coming Up dog tags and there are still some magazines I’d love to have in it. 

Suede #9. Can’t wait for it.

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