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John Brandham: Europe Is Our Playground (and other selected works…)

Europe Is Our Playground is the product of the unlikely collaboration between John Brandham, longtime crew member for Suede and the Pretenders, and Mike Boguski, keyboardist for the beloved Canadian group Blue Rodeo. In 2022, after Boguski learned of Brandham’s career-ending stroke and the subsequent fundraising campaign for his recovery and related charitable causes, he recorded A Newer Morning (For John), which reimagined Suede’s 2002 album in a traditional jazz setting.That project forged a bond between Brandham and Boguski, prompting John to send Mike poems he’d written about various European cities. Boguski immediately envisioned Brandham reciting them over some original music, along with a classically influenced arrangement of Brandham’s favourite Suede song, which became the title track. Europe Is Our Playground now stands as a companion piece to A Newer Morning (For John), and another opportunity to raise funds for John Brandham and The Stroke Association.

Preorder on CD or 7" vinyl, with 100% of all sales go towards supporting stroke survivor John Brandham.

You can pre-order from Suede's Official store here and from Rough Trade.

Watch the trailer.

Release date March 3rd 2023 

Track List:

1. Europe Is Our Playground

2. London

3. Amsterdam (on a chair by a table)

4. Berlin


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