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Amanda Blazier's Collection

December 2021

Please introduce yourself and tell us about the moment you discovered Suede.

Hi, I’m Amanda from Wales & to steal a word from Suede history, got into them by osmosis. The band were pretty ubiquitous on starting university back in 1992. Many a hazy memory of flailing around yelling ‘sooowayyyyed’ at student discos. The eureka moment was listening to DMS for the first time. Will never forget that feeling, the absolute certainty that the axis of my little world had shifted.

What and when was your first Suede purchase?

Had the first album taped off a friend; forgive me, have bought several legit copies since! First purchase was actually the Austrian version of ‘The Wild Ones’, which has ‘Flashboy’ and ‘Whipsnade’ instead of the UK b-sides. Had no idea at the time it wasn’t the normal single. What an introduction.

How do you organise your collection?

Er…wherever it will fit. The CDs are in chronological order, but that’s about it.

What’s your most treasured item in your collection and why?

That’s so difficult. It’s trite but true to say the most precious thing is the memories (hence the fan paraphernalia photo). It’s also a massive cop out. Good candidates: the Head Music badges; Neil’s setlist from Standon Calling, such a happy day, which isn’t even in the photos because it’s taped to the inside of my wardrobe to lift me each morning and don’t want to rip it, the golden wristband that got us into the Cambridge soundcheck, a copy of Insatiable Ones fanzine issue 2 which Richard signed with ‘round of applause’. Absolutely anything connected to the 2018 Nottingham Rough Trade gig. Afternoons with the Blinds Drawn inscribed to me by Brett ‘with love & thanks’. A cheap handmade Suede bracelet Carrie gave me at The Roundhouse in 2015 that has survived 30+ gigs since has become something of a talisman.

Tell us about your most recent Suede purchase.

Not a purchase but the very last thing obtained is a copy of the setlist for the second half at Alexandra Palace. My 50th Suede gig, and they played This Time. Perfect.

Is there any item that was within your reach that you now regret not buying?

Must admit to hankering after a pair of Head Music headphones.

What’s on your wishlist for your collection?

The one item I’d truly love to have is a copy of the ‘What I’m Trying To Tell You’ promo CD. There’s only a handful out there, three of which are with people who will never part with them, but it’s one of my favourite songs from my favourite album, and I can’t give it up. And #suede9, of course.

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