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Hit Me


27 May 2013

Hit Me

23rd single

1 & 4 Produced by Ed Buller for 140db
Mixed by Andy Wallace at Spin Recording Studio, Long Island City, NY
Mastered by Howie Wienberg & Dan Gerbarg at Howie Weinberg Mastering, Los Angeles
2 & 3 Produced by Neil Codling
Cover by Jonathan Baron & Matthew Holroyd at Studio-Baron, Brett Anderson & Mat Osman
Photography by Blommers/Schumm
Worldwide Management by Ian Grenfell & Didz Hammond at Quietus Management

These two new tracks were written for the Bloodsports sessions but got culled when we started writing more
songs. Some of you might recognise ‘Falling Planes’ from the St Petersburg gig. Once Ed got hold of the song it
changed a little chordally but remained pretty close in spirit and feel to the version we played in December 2011.
Interestingly, this was a piece of music that Simon originally wrote, a bit of a first in suede world.
‘What Violet Says’ started life as something Mat gave me back in 2011. Richard was inspired to write a new guitar
part that everyone loved so we resurrected it for these sessions.
‘Hit Me’ itself was one of the last tracks to be finished for Bloodsports. we had the music and i had the melody but
the lyrics evaded me. originally, it was a song about bullying called ‘Victim’ but the murky sentiment of the lyric
just didn’t sit with the soaring top lines so i changed it to something more ambiguous. When richard nailed the
chorus guitar part and we wrote the post-chorus section we felt we finally had a great pop song on our hands.


Track List:

Hit Me
Falling Planes
What Violet Says
Hit Me (Radio Edit)
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